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NUS President responds to PM's call to reintroduce maintenance grants

Thursday 30 May 2019

Responding to Theresa May's call for the reintroduction of maintenance grants, NUS National President Shakira Martin said:

“NUS will always fight for our vision of free and funded education, and we are glad that the Prime Minister is coming round to our view that students need maintenance grants to fund their studies. It has always been a disgrace that the poorest students leave higher education with the highest level of debt. However, this announcement is too little too late given that Theresa May’s legacy in higher education will always be the deportation of thousands of our international student friends and colleagues.

"She has been a key part of successive governments which raised tuition fees, initially slashed maintenance grants and NHS bursaries, and increased and promoted the hostile environment. Her change in stance comes late in the day as she tries desperately to shore up a legacy which is not the current Brexit chaos. I’d like to remind the Prime Minister that these recommendations stand to effect the lives of millions of students, whose lives, wellbeing and welfare should never be used as political football”