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NUS Officers express disgust at recent antisemitic campus activity

Thursday 24 October 2019

Following the recent incident at the University of Leicester, the National Students Union (NUS) officer team want to express our disgust at the event and solidarity with the Jewish student community.

Time and time again, we see “white t-shirt parties” provide an opportunity for students to spew hateful rhetoric that is often targeted against the most vulnerable in our community. In an era where reports of antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise, Jewish students are consistently made to feel unsafe and unwelcome on their campuses as a result of these parties and the failure to quickly condemn the horrific sentiments expressed at the events.


Events organisers, societies and students’ unions (SUs) must ensure they are crystal clear about their intolerance of hate speech. We strongly urge these groups to reach out to their faith and liberation societies to establish explicit policies against antisemitism, as well as the other forms of oppression we regularly see materialise at “white t-shirt parties”. We would also highly recommend SUs get in touch with the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) about providing antisemitism training for staff and officers, as well as to learn more about how they can best support the Jewish students on their campuses


NUS has re-affirmed its commitment to tackling bigotry, prejudice and discrimination across society and the student movement by holding antisemitism training for all its full-time officers, staff and volunteers.


Delivered by UJS, the training is the realisation of a policy agreed at NUS National Conference 2019, mandating all NUS full time officers and National Executive Committee members to undergo antisemitism training at the start of each academic year.


In solidarity,


Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President

Claire Sosienski Smith, NUS Vice President (Higher Education)

Juliana Mohamad Noor, NUS Vice President (Further Education)

Erica Ramos, NUS Vice President (Union Development)

Eva Crossan Jory, NUS Vice President (Welfare)

Piers Wilkinson, NUS Disabled Students’ Officer

Rob Noon, NUS LGBT+ Officer

Eden Ladley, NUS Trans Officer

Fope Olaleye, NUS Black Students’ Officer

Rachel Watters, NUS Women Students’ Officer

Robert Murtagh, NUS-USI President

Rob Simkins, NUS Wales President

Liam McCabe, NUS Scotland President


To report an antisemitic hate crime, please contact CST either on their website ( or by phone (0800 032 3263).


The Union of Jewish students can be contacted by email ( phone (020 7424 3288) or check out their website:



Contact: NUS UK Press Office | | 07866 695 010 |

  1. The policy passed at NUS National Conference 2019 was submitted by the University of Manchester Students’ Union. It stated that Anti-Semitism is on the rise in the UK citing Community Security Trust (CST) figures on recorded Anti-Semitic incidents.
  2. Antisemitism is also a problem on campus, with CST reporting 2018 seeing a rise in the number of incidents.
  3. NUS National Executive Committee was dissolved on 21 May 2019 following the approval of NUS reforms agreed at National Conference 2019. However, members of the committee are continuing to meet informally until June 2020, supporting the transition of NUS democracy and the formation of a new National Scrutiny Council.
  4. Any NUS member interested in training their officers can contact to arrange.