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NUS Launches National Education Service (NES) Campaign, To Span a Decade

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Education is the fuel for our society and economy. It is the gateway to equality. It’s where we’ll find solutions to climate change. It’s how we get qualified to get a job and re-train when the world changes. Despite education being the key to our future, politicians have failed to deliver a coherent strategy in more than a decade, and overall spend on education has fallen.

NUS President, Zamzam Ibrahim, to day launches the NES campaign at the NUS Lead & Change Training event held in Bath.  At its core the NUS campaign for a National Education Service (NES) is about re-framing education as just that – a service. A service that enables people to participate fully in a prosperous society. We need a varied, comprehensive education provision that all of us can access throughout our lives. In line with the Civic University Commission we need to see governments and institutions embracing deep civic responsibilities, in an adaptive culture that rejects ‘high stakes metrics’ in favour of socially beneficial outcomes.

NUS vision is a system where all publicly funded education providers work in harmony to meet the needs of all learners across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Whether they are studying today or want to study in the future.

There are 3 phases to this bold campaign:

Phase 1: We will build a new vision for a National Education Service within 6 months.

Phase 2: We will win the public argument for a National Education Service within 3 years.

Phase 3: We will win a National Education Service within 10 years


Speaking to over 300 attendees today, Ms Ibrahim said:

The market has failed us. It’s time for a National Education Service which is accessible, funded, and lifelong. We can keep tinkering around the edges or we can acknowledge that what we need is systematic change in education.

We’ve spent the last decade fighting against things. It’s time to fight for something.

The campaign starts today. Every student, students’ union officer, and everyone who supports our cause, is part of our mission. Our aims may sound ambitious, but there are just too many students depending on us.