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NUS and FOSIS respond to national Islam study

Wednesday 12 September 2018

The National Union of Students alongside FOSIS have today responded to the 'Re/presenting Islam on Campus' study conducted by SOAS Professor Scott-Baumann. The research unveils some sobering findings, which include Muslim students not feeling supported, feeling that they are being watched and that they are objects of suspicion.


NUS Black Students' Officer, Ilyas Nagdee said:

“The findings from SOAS’ research are unsurprising, we know that Muslim students face a series of negative experiences while at university due in part to the government’s counter terrorism strategy and increasing levels of racism from normalised islamophobia. It is of particular note that Muslim students reported not feeling supported and that they were the objects of suspicion.

It was clear from our own research into the experiences of Muslim students earlier this year that many felt institutions and students’ unions didn’t understand their needs. Nor did 1 in 3 feel able to express their views due to Prevent. The time has come for institutions to show real commitment to removing Islamophobia from our learning spaces and steps taken immediately to safeguard Muslim students including the scrapping of the governments Prevent Duty.”

FOSIS media team said:

“We at FOSIS are not at all surprised by the results of Professor Scott-Baumann’s research. The problems that the Prevent Duty poses are far reaching and impact scores of Muslim students both directly and indirectly. Muslim students feel targeted and under the microscope; they sense that they’re treated more as suspects than students and fear that outward display of their religion or criticisms of British foreign policy can lead to trouble.

FOSIS reiterates its stance against the failing Prevent Duty and we call for it to be scrapped immediately for the safety and well-being of Muslim students in the UK.”



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