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New team takes office at NUS

Thursday 4 July 2019

Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President 2019/20 and the full-time officer team for the same period have officially taken up their new roles, following their elections earlier this year.

The thirteen-person team includes, for the first time, an all-female Vice President line up, representing higher education, further education, welfare, and union development, along with three nation presidents, facing the devolved governments in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, and five Liberation officers.


Speaking during her first week in office, NUS President Zamzam Ibrahim said:

“It's an absolute privilege, honour and an incredible opportunity to lead NUS in such an important year. I am immensely proud and humbled to have been elected the National President of NUS.

“Education is a transformative experience for millions in the UK and it is now time to make sure everyone is able to access that promise. My agenda is a simple one and I have two priorities.

“The first is to see NUS through transition effectively. As President and Chair of the Board I’m going to lead NUS beyond safety, through transition to the new NUS. There’s so much we can achieve with a reformed NUS - there are so many students who need us to succeed - and together we are going to build a new NUS, which is in students’ unions and winning for students every day.

“Secondly, with the officer team I’ll be running a campaign that our whole sector can get on board with. We need to get students’ unions back together, working on the issues which can transform our students lives. 

“There are many challenges ahead, but together we will meet them and revitalise our national union.”


Ms Ibrahim has served in the student movement for a number of years, both as a sabbatical officer at the University of Salford Students’ Union, and as Vice President Society and Citizenship at NUS last year.  She will chair the NUS UK board, NUS Turnaround board and lead the officer Executive team comprised of:


Vice-President Further Education – Juliana Mohamad-Noor

Vice-President Higher Education - Claire Sosienski Smith

Vice-President Welfare - Eva Crossan Jory

Vice-President Union Development - Erica Ramos


NUS Wales President - Rob Simkins

NUS-USI President – Robert Murtagh

NUS Scotland President – Liam McCabe


Black Students Officer - Fope Olaleye

Disabled Students Officer - Piers Wilkinson

LGBT+ Officer – Rob Noon

Trans Officer – Eden Ladley

Women’s Officer – Rachel Watters