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Peoples Vote: Join us

Wednesday 25 July 2018 NUS News

With rebellions to the left and on the right, the Government is quite clearly in chaos. What little faith we had in Brexit negotiations being able to deliver for students is eroded. We need a #PeoplesVote.  

In 2017, NUS launched its ‘Getting the Best from Brexit’ campaign with the stated aim of “attempting to influence the outcome of the negotiation process at a number of different levels” to “get the best from Brexit” for students. These objectves included:

1) To negotiate for special immigration status for EU and UK students and academics, to ensure that they remain able to move across the EU freely for work and study

2)    To campaign for the UK to remain a full member of the Erasmus+ scheme and to secure a commitment from MPs that the UK will be a member of any similar schemes in the future.

3)    To campaign to remove international students from net migration targets 

For the first phase of the campaign the goal was to “negotiate continued mobility within EU countries for students and academics, so that they can study and teach freely after the UK has left the EU. We have built relationships across the sector, with MPs across all a number of political parties (Conservative, Labour, SNP) who have been in support of our campaign.Our public-facing campaign - #StudentsOfTheWorld - was launched in November 2017 and remians ongoing.

However,resignations have thrown the Brexit negotiations into chaos. It’s no wonder that students and young people have lost faith.  It is now clear our generation deserves to have their voices heard in the final deal via a Peoples Vote.

We are clear in our belief that a #PeoplesVote doesn't "solve" the issues which led to the Brexit vote. Another referendum would be hugely divisive if not more so than the first in part because the government would have failed to deliver on the "will of the people".

But if the best case scenario (EEA and Single Market Brexit) is half a million job losses and the worst case scenario (No deal), 2 million job losses and it will be students, especially those from working class, ethnic minority backgrounds who will suffer. 

Ultimately, we need a guarantee Westminster. Students are losing all faith in the process. We need a guarantee that the future of students and young people in the UK is safe because if a good deal cannot be agreed, it’s our generation, and generations to follow, who will have the most to lose.

That’s why we are supporting a #PeoplesVote, and encourage others to Take Action and join us at the march in Central London on the 20th October and to demand a say on the final deal.