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NUS welcomes Ken Livingstone's move to reintroduce EMA in London

Thursday 1 March 2012 NUS News

NUS today welcomed an announcement from Ken Livingstone that, should he be elected Mayor of London, he will reintroduce the controversially scrapped Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

NUS said that the announcement was welcome recognition of the value of EMA for many young people and set a powerful example to national policy-makers.

Toni Pearce, NUS Vice-President (Further Education):

“EMA provided a vital source of support for many students and the Government's decision to scrap it was widely condemned not only by students and their families, but by teachers, think tanks and businesses alike."

“Reintroducing EMA in London would be a huge step towards making sure that all young people in further education receive proper financial support to pay for the bare essentials associated with studying and would set a powerful example to national policy-makers." 

"Instead of washing their hands of the Government's decision to pull the plug on EMA or protesting their powerlessness, the other mayoral candidates should follow Ken's lead and commit to reintroducing EMA.”