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NUS Wales Blackout this Friday

Wednesday 19 March 2014 Live Greener

NUS Wales Live Greener is excited to be bringing the University of Southampton’s Blackout model across the entire country this Friday night – marking the biggest ever switch off event of its kind.

At six institutions across Wales, hundreds of staff and students are coming together to turn off everything across the entire campus. Too often, staff and students leave campus for the weekend, leaving lights on, appliances plugged in, monitors on standby, and dozens more examples of needless energy wastage.

Blackout is about demonstrating the positive impact of tackling energy wastage, on a campus-wide, collective scale.

The University of Southampton found that Blackout led to a 6% decrease in electricity consumption over the weekend they carried out the mass switch off. This is the equivalent to the energy needed to power five family homes for an entire year. It saved £1,600, and 7 tonnes of carbon.

Across six campuses rather than one, NUS Wales Blackout promises to make an even bigger impact.

The students have been trained, and everything is in place for our night out with the lights out this Friday evening. Hundreds across the country will be tackling energy wastage together, driving student and staff engagement, and rewarding environmental consideration across Welsh higher education.

Along with the other work carried out through NUS Wales Live Greener – our Welsh Government funded environmental programme– we’re seeing a huge step change in sustainability across campuses and communities throughout Wales. Blackout is a really exciting part of this work, and we can’t wait to tell you about the amazing impact it’s going to have.