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NUS-USI welcomes abortion guidelines

Thursday 10 October 2019 Women

Women's Officer calls for minority and student voices to be heard in consultation

NUS-USI welcomes the publication of guidelines for healthcare staff on termination of pregnancy, which provide clarification for the interim period between 22 October and 31 March 2020.

NUS-USI is committed to seeing the decriminalisation of abortion care, and the Trust Us campaign will continue to campaign for free, safe, legal and local abortion care and reproductive justice for all.

NUS-USI hopes the consultation will take account of minority and student voices to ensure new regulations consider the needs of the most marginalised in society. Regulations should recognise and mitigate any access barriers for trans and non-binary students, international students, refugee and asylum seeker students, and disabled students.

Reproductive healthcare should be inclusive and accessible to all.

Jill McManus, NUS-USI Women’s Officer and Chair of Trust Us NUS-USI said: “Unintended pregnancy and access to abortion care is an issue facing students across Northern Ireland and has a severe impact on their education and well-being. We will continue to advocate for the needs of all students regarding access to full sexual and reproductive healthcare services, including abortion care.”