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NUS teams up with UNISON Youth to lobby Prime Minister on a living wage for all

Friday 20 October 2017 NUS News

NUS Vice President (Society and Citizenship) Robbie Young has worked with Unison under 27s to put pressure on the government to pay everybody regardless of age a wage they can live on.

We are calling on the government to ensure the National Living Wage is eligible to all workers over 18 in recognition of their contribution to the workforce and in recognition of their living costs.

The 3,500 UK businesses who pay the independently calculated Living Wage rates that are set by the Living Wage Foundation are based on the cost of living and they apply to all those over 18.

The government needs to be championing and encouraging employers and businesses who can afford it to pay their staff the real Living Wage and join the Living Wage Movement.

You can read the letter to Theresa May here.