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NUS stands with outsourced workers at the University of London

Tuesday 1 October 2019 Higher Education

Claire Sosienski Smith, NUS Vice President (Higher Education) says

“Whilst we are proud to stand with the workers of University of London and our sister union UCU in the fight to end outsourcing at the University of London, we are disappointed that we are one year on from our membership passing policy and the senior management at University of London are still refusing to bring their outsourced workers in-house. We condemn the expenditure on increasing security and violently clamping down on student protest in response to the ongoing campaign. We continue to stand in solidarity with the outsourced workers at the central University of London and support their call to Boycott Senate House until all outsourced workers are made direct employees of the university."

“We fight for an education system that is accessible for all, one which does not maximise profit while exploiting the people who work and study in our universities and colleges. Outsourcing staff is part of the precarity that is rife across the education sector and exposes the workers who are not directly employed by the university to abuse and harassment with no authority to seek justice for such violations of dignity. It is hugely important that we stand together to resist a system of higher education that sees members of staff as disposable and students as merely sources of income for a university."

“All those who work or study in a university or college deserve fair and equal treatment without fear of harassment or intimidation, and to be part of an education system that works for all students, staff and members of the community. We call on higher education institutions to bring all workers in-house now, for our members to publicise and maintain the Boycott of Senate House and for individuals to consider donating to the strike fund if they can:” 

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