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NUS sounds note of caution on UCAS statistics

Wednesday 16 July 2008 NUS News

NUS (National Union of Students) today warned against complacency following a rise in applications to UK universities and colleges through UCAS.

NUS President Wes Streeting said “We welcome the overall rise in applications to universities and colleges. It is a positive sign that more people are aspiring to enter higher education.

Figures include nursing and midwifery for the first time

“However, it must be remembered that these figures include nursing and midwifery statistics for the first time. As many of these applicants traditionally come from lower socio-economic backgrounds, it is impossible to judge the government’s performance on its widening participation agenda.

Institutions must not be complacent

“Institutions must not be complacent when it comes to widening participation among those groups who have not traditionally attended university. They must also be careful to give a fair chance to those who have gained qualifications other than A-levels, but who may nonetheless benefit from higher education.”

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