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NUS response to The Guardian's nursing bursaries article

Monday 30 September 2019 NUS News

Eva Crossan Jory comments on The Guardian's article on nursing bursaries.

“The NUS welcome the news that the government is looking at introducing new financial support for student nurses and allied health students. Since the government’s disgraceful abolition of bursaries for these students in 2016 there has been a 29% drop in the number of applications to study nursing at university, at a time when there are 40,000 vacancies in the NHS.


"The removal of fee-waivers has left these students effectively paying to work extensive hours in the NHS (rather than being paid for their labour) whilst trying to balance their academic studies. The impact on student well-being and access to higher education has been massive, especially for mature students and those from working-class backgrounds.


"The NUS will continue to fight alongside trade unions and other allies to secure the reintroduction of financial support for student nurses and allied health students. Support for students in these professions is an essential demand in our fight for a public National Education Service to sit alongside our vital National Health Service.”