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NUS responds to xenophobic attack

Thursday 15 November 2018 NUS News

Yeon Jeong Lee, an international student at the University of Creative Arts was horrifically abused in London on Sunday 11 November. NUS International Students' Officer Yinbo Yu has responded.

NUS International Students' Officer Yinbo Yu said: 

“Nobody should have to experience harassment and hate crime anywhere in our society. International students travel to the UK to study, experience everything the UK has to offer and contribute enormously back to our communities economically and socially. It is utterly appalling that Yeon has been physically attacked and made to feel unsafe in this way. Sadly racist incidents are not uncommon and students of colour across the country are faced with abuse either on their campuses or in their communities. There is much to be done to make our institutions, towns and cities truly inclusive and welcoming spaces. We must take this opportunity to ensure more students’ unions become third party hate crime reporting centres and increase our efforts to bring about the change that is so desperately required.”