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NUS responds to the result of the meaningful vote on the Brexit deal


Tuesday 15 January 2019 NUS News

Following the defeat of the government's proposed Brexit deal in the House of Commons, Amatey Doku, Vice President (Higher Education) has made the following statement:

"The government’s deal has been overwhelmingly rejected by Parliament. We are now on the brink of a potential ‘no-deal’ scenario which would be catastrophic for students and future generations to come. It is becoming increasingly clear that the only viable option moving forward is to take this back to the people, through a People’s Vote. The Brexit deal did not deliver on the concerns of students and young people, nor did it allow them to feed in and get their voices heard.

We know that opportunities for international education are transformative for students and their local communities. But under any current deal or no-deal scenario, these opportunities are at risk of being snatched away from students. We demand that the government and all members of Parliament allow students and young people – the generation who will be affected the most by Brexit - to have a say on their futures through a People’s Vote."