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NUS launches "Right to Recall" campaign

Monday 15 November 2010 NUS News

NUS has launched the "Right to Recall" initiative, encouraging students to sign up to pledge to vote against any candidate that breaks their pledges on university fees or EMAs.

At the general election, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg made a great deal of politicians needing to 'be more honest', and 'for promises to be kept'. The Liberal Democrats also suggested that a new 'right to recall' procedure should be introduced whereby MPs who break promises or are found guilty of impropriety should be vulnerable to a constituency petition of (10%) that MP would face an immediate by-election.

The 'right to recall' promise sadly itself represents another broken promise by the Liberal Democrats, and may never actually be introduced. However, in order to show the strength of feeling by the voting public against those MPs who vote for the raising of University tuition fees and/ or for the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance, we ask you to sign up to call for them to be recalled – this way, perhaps this broken promise can be put to some use!

Visit Right to Recall now to place pressure on your MP to keep their promises- and forward the link to family and friends to get them to do the same.