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NUS outlines students’ general election demands

Wednesday 6 November 2019 NUS News

National Union of Students (NUS) has today (Wednesday 6 November 2019) launched its “When Students Lead” General Election manifesto. Calling for an education system for the benefit of all; an end to Brexit in the public interest and a healthy society for the good of everyone, the manifesto outlines what students will be looking for when voting in the General Election on 12 December 2019.

The manifesto calls on all political parties to commit to policies aimed at resetting society and can be used by anyone interested in understanding where candidates and their parties stand on the issues that students care about.

Drawing on a history that has seen NUS fight for access to universal healthcare in the 1930s, when the NHS was still a pipe dream; at the forefront of campaigns on Apartheid, LGBT+ and women’s rights in the 1960s and 1970s, when they were seen as eccentric or marginal causes; and more recently exposing the racial inequities in attainment and how this reflects a wider issue of a colonial education system, the manifesto highlights three priorities, that can deliver lasting change and a difference for everyone. These are:

  1. An education system for the benefit of all. Education is the key to the future, yet politicians have failed to deliver a coherent strategy and sufficient funding in more than a decade. It is time for an education system that is accessible, funded, and life-long.
  2. An end to Brexit in the public interest. Brexit has created division in the UK and a less tolerant society. Students’ voices have been ignored, despite the impact Brexit will have on their future. Political parties need to listen to their views.
  3. A healthy society for the good of everyone. For students to thrive they need to live and work in a healthy society. This means investment to ensure access to support for their health needs, safe and affordable housing, and action to tackle the climate crisis, which can benefit everyone.

Speaking at the launch at Brunel University, NUS National President Zamzam Ibrahim said:

“This is the election of our lives. The last few years have seen the UK divided. Hate crime is on the rise. Austerity has exhausted everyone. Public promises have turned into lies. Money-making competition has failed. And 'me before you' culture has made us ever more isolated.

“Investment is falling, in our education, in our health, in our businesses. Crises are growing; climate change, social care, and more. Our society is failing, and students across the UK have told us, loud and clear, that this isn’t the future they want.

“We believe we can change this and our manifesto represents our vision for a better society. History shows that when students lead, political leaders follow.

“We must all take this opportunity to tell our political leaders what we want from our future society and how we want it to be. The views of young people have been ignored for too long, so we’re calling on all parties to listen and commit to the action needed to create a future in which everyone can thrive.”

View NUS General Election Manifesto here