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NUS invited to give evidence on HE Bill

Tuesday 6 September 2016 Higher Education

The Higher Education and Research Bill Committee will hear oral evidence from the National Union of Students on Thursday 8 September at 12.30pm.

Oral evidence sessions allow MPs to gain input from experts and key stakeholders, and Thursday’s session will give us the opportunity to make sure that students' interest are taken seriously during these reforms.

We have long raised concerns about the lack of student consultation in the parliamentary process and a number of MPs joined calls for our inclusion today.

You will be able to follow our evidence at the committee on Thursday via

The news follows the setting up of an alternative ‘Office for Students’ in Westminster today.

Students were invited to give their thoughts on the changes to the HE sector, in response to the government’s plans to exclude student representation from their proposed Office for Students.

The event was broadcast live via Periscope and can be viewed for 24 hours here:

NUS Vice President Higher Education Sorana Vieru said: “NUS is delighted we have now been invited to give evidence to the committee, which has realised the importance of the student voice in this process.

"Not a single student or student representative was originally asked to have their say about the reforms during this evidence session, even though the changes propose the biggest overhaul to the higher education sector in decades.

“Now the committee has recognised the value of inviting students to give their opinions about issues that affect them, we hope they will extend that logic to the ‘Office for Students’ created by the Bill without a single student in it.

"We’re calling on the government to reserve a seat in the leadership structures of the Office for Students for a student representative. Without this as a bare minimum, the government’s claim that its higher education reforms will put students at the heart of the education system will be exposed as nothing more than empty words.”