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NUS comments on David Cameron's proposals to create 'Good University' shortlist

Tuesday 19 January 2010 NUS News

NUS today warned against Conservative leader David Cameron's plans to exclude graduates from some universities entering the teaching profession and to draw up a "good university" shortlist.

The comments follow the news that a panel will be convened to decide for the Conservatives what counts as a top university with many former polytechnics being excluded.

Wes Streeting, NUS President said:

"The message the Conservatives are sending to the majority of students is that if you didn't go to a university attended by members of the Shadow Cabinet they don't believe you're worth as much.  There is a real danger that, in seeking to define a good university on the basis of prejudice and prestige, they risk severely undermining the reputation of students and graduates.”

“Rather than focus on the majority of students and staff across Britain's universities who work incredibly hard to produce high standards across the board, the Conservatives appear willing to carve out an arbitrary shortlist of approved elite institutions.”

“It is vital to support high standards in teaching and to ensure that the most able students and graduates aspire to work in the education sector. The way to do this is not to exclude those with the ability and enthusiasm who wish to enter it.”

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