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NUS calls for an end to cheap drink

Friday 3 April 2009 NUS News

Cheap drink could soon be a thing of the past for students, as NUS calls for a minimum price on alcohol.

NUS has announced plans to campaign for alcohol prices to be raised in a bid to cut binge drinking. It will begin consultations to set a minimum price on alcohol in students’ unions.

Dangers of drinking

“Students’ unions work hard to inform their members of the dangers of excessive drinking. But more can be done. ‘All you can drink’ and ‘three for the price of one’ offers encourage students to drink to dangerous levels, and should have no place in our students’ union bars,” said NUS President Wes Streeting.

“NUS will now work with our commercial arm, NUS Services, and student officers so that we can recommend a minimum price on alcohol in students’ unions.”