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Students gather for the NUS and Amnesty International Student Media Summit

Friday 22 August 2014 NUS News

The two-day event aimed at student aspiring to careers in media and journalism brought together some of the industry's most prominent speakers such as Emily Maitlis, Evan Davis and Owen Jones.

Over 130 students came together at Amnesty International UK's London headquarters for an event filled with workshops, panel discussions and speakers including Julia MacFarlane, Emily Maitlis, Evan Davis, Owen Jones and Tarah Welsh.

Owen Jones commented on universities during his keynote speech saying:

'We need more scholarships to give people access'.

He also highlighted that 'the media should stand up against the powerful not the powerless.'

Evan Davis, the new presenter of Newsnight, gave some thought-provoking insight into his experiences explaining the media needs journalists that expose issues as well as journalists that explain issues to delve into why they are happening.

Catarina Demony, a student from Kingston University, attended the event:

'The summit was really useful in helping to channel my passion for human rights into a career in journalism.

'Mainstream journalism isn't the only way into the industry and the education system doesn't always teach us that.'

Another student commented that he didn't know how to get into the industry and an event like this was the answer:

'Coming here and hearing all the great speakers has helped me figure out how to get started.

'Even the event organisers from NUS and Amnesty International UK have been helpful in giving me great contacts.'