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NUS, Amnesty and Channel 4 host #UnreportedStudents

Friday 4 April 2014 NUS News

NUS has teamed up with Channel 4’s Unreported World and Amnesty International to host a free special one-day programme for student journalists.

Student reporters were given access behind the scenes of one of the UK’s leading investigative news and current affairs programmes and saw an exclusive viewing of the trailer for the upcoming Unreported World series.

They were also able to network with journalists at the top of their industry and build and improve their journalism skills in four exclusive workshops with topics including newsgathering, reporting abroad, presenting and editing.

Addressing the student journalists, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, presenter of Channel 4 News, said:

“Journalism is not a glamorous job. If you are in it for fame or fortune there are better ways, or political influence.

“But, I have the best job in the world. I go to places all around the world that are not on the news agenda. I get to enable people to tell their stories. It is a huge privilege to be let into people lives. Often talking about their lives, their stories can be very difficult, but it’s an honour to be able to tell them.”

Acknowledging that entry into his career is tough, he added:

“I got into TV through work experience. I did two weeks at the BBC Two and made a constant nuisance of myself, pitching ideas and haranguing people with questions.

“Work experience is still the most important way to make an impression. We still employ people this way at Channel 4 News.

“The way to get into journalism is to just do it. People ask me - how do I get into documentaries? Go out and make one.”

Dom Anderson, NUS Vice President (Society and Citizenship), said:

 “We are thrilled to be involved in this event and to be able to offer access to student journalists to the calibre of those who make up the unreported world team

“NUS really want to engage with student journalists which is why we are trying to hold more events for you.

“NUS and Amnesty will be holding a student media summit packed with top media professionals for you to learn from and get tips and advice from to help you gain worthwhile experience.”