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No To No Deal Brexit Campaign

Wednesday 4 September 2019 Campaigns News

As civic society organisations we are deeply concerned that the UK is on the brink of a No Deal Brexit.

We believe that a No Deal Brexit would inflict major damage to our community and to future generations, with profound implications for our economy and society.

These impacts would include the following:

• The immediate end of the right to freedom of movement, causing major uncertainty and the potential for discrimination against EU/EEA migrants.

• Major uncertainty regarding the future supply of medicines, radioactive materials and blood products that are regulated by the EU and imported from EU member states.

• Undermining the rights safeguards in the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

• A hardening of the border in Northern Ireland with the subsequent devastating impact on the all-island economy and the economic, educational and social lives of people living and working in border areas.

• Increased bureaucracy and costs for businesses, strict controls on the movement of animals and food products across the border with disastrous consequences for the agri-food sector.

• The potential end of the single energy market with unknown consequences for future energy costs and supply.

• The removal of many key environmental safeguards and oversight mechanisms.

• The potential erosion of workers’ rights.A No Deal Brexit would be a disaster and would represent a negotiation failure by the UK Government.

The No To No Deal campaign therefore calls on the UK government to accept that a No Deal Brexit is not a viable option and to do everything in its power to prevent this possibility as a matter of urgency.We call on all members of the public and civil society, regardless of your view of Brexit, to support our campaign and say NO TO NO DEAL.