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Network Rail deems ‘Liar Liar’ billboards too political and removes images

Friday 24 April 2015 NUS News

The second stage of NUS' national ad campaign has been thwarted by Network Rail who hastily removed the image attached from billboards last night, after they were deemed ‘too political’.

The national advertising campaign has piled increasing pressure on the 2010 pledge breakers - MPs who voted to increase fees - with the images reminding students and their parents of the lies which secured seats in Westminster in 2010.

The billboards had been scheduled from Midnight last night until 8 May in:

  • London Victoria
  • Sheffield Central
  • Manchester Piccadilly.

The image above shows the billboard as it was yesterday in London Victoria before rail bosses intervened and had all of the billboards in Manchester, London and Sheffield cleared of the images.

NUS President Toni Pearce said:

'I can’t quite help feeling like this is the second mass gagging attempt on students, seeing as the lobbying bill didn’t work.

'Well it doesn’t stop our campaign. You can delete a billboard image but you can’t erase betrayal.

'Lies were told. Seats were secured because of them, and we just won’t tolerate it.'

The campaign continues and will target pledge breaker seats across the country until 8 May.