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National Voter Registration Day

Tuesday 14 January 2014 Citizenship

On 5 February, NUS are going to be celebrating National Voter Registration Day, working alongside Bite the Ballot. The day aims to highlight the importance of being on the register to vote and will involve finding out the issues that you, on your campuses and in your communities, care about.

With the various partners involved, we aim to get 250,000 new people on the register. This will demonstrate to those in decision-making positions in local and national government how important it is to have policies that relate to the wider electorate of the UK. 

Dom Anderson, NUS Vice President, said:

"We are really excited to be joining forces with Bite the Ballot for National Voter Registration Day and to work together to ensure the seven million students we represent across the UK through our member students’ unions, are able to both get on the electoral roll and make their voices heard.

For us, this project is furthering our commitment to ensuring the realities of students’ lives are represented in the democratic process. So long as they do not find themselves disenfranchised on polling day, students’ votes could make a decisive difference in dozens of constituencies at the next general election."

There will be events happening on campuses around the country, throughout the week, from events with politicians answering questions to drives in many students’ unions to get students and non-students registered to vote.

Please let us know why you are think you should be registered to vote by tweeting us your statement at @nusuk

If you have any queries, you can get in touch by dropping NUS Community Organiser an email on