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National strategy team tackling 'lad culture' launches new pilot scheme

Monday 15 September 2014 Women

As new research from NUS reveals one in four students have experienced unwelcome sexual advances, Toni Pearce announces a new scheme to tackle 'lad culture' on campus.

A national strategy team on lad culture is launching a pilot scheme next month for five to ten UK students’ unions that will assess what lad culture looks like on their campus, and what is currently in place to tackle it, NUS President Toni Pearce has announced.

The national strategy team - that includes students, students unions, and a range of external stakeholders - will support students’ unions and institutions in identifying the culture on their campuses in relation to the report results, develop and release resources to help tackle lad culture, and empower education communities to lead their own institutional changes.

This is the next phase in NUS’ work to tackle “Lad Culture” following 'That’s What She Said; women students experiences of lad culture in higher education' report released in 2013, the NUS Lad Culture Summit in February this year and recent research from NUS which found that a quarter of all students endure unwanted sexual advances at university.

The national strategy team includes:

Team Ambassador

  • Laura Bates, Everyday Sexism

NUS Womens’ Officer

  • Susuana Antubaum

Four students

  • Eve Livingston, Edinburgh University
  • Jordan Kenny, Bath University
  • Rachel Holland, Leicester University
  • Jamie Sweeney, King’s College, London

Four external participants

  • Lucy Holmes, No More Page 3
  • Dave Llewellyn, Good Lad Workshops
  • Sarah Perry, Great Initiative
  • Sue Abbott, UCU

Two students’ union staff

  • Vicki Baars, UCL Union
  • Ben Whittaker, UWL SU

Academic participants

  • Dr. Vanita Sundaram, York University
  • Dr. Alison Phipps, Sussex University (joint place with Isabel Young, co-researchers of ‘That’s what she said’)