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#MoreInCommon: students are coming together to celebrate Jo Cox

Tuesday 21 June 2016 NUS News

Students across the globe are gathering on Wednesday 22 June to pay tribute to the late MP to show that we have #MoreInCommon than that which divides us.

In a moving response to last week’s tragic events, friends of Jo Cox, in close collaboration with her family, are organising a series of events around the world celebrating the former Batley and Spen MP’s legacy of tolerance and respect.

On what should have been Jo Cox's 42nd birthday, this Wednesday, thousands will carry her message forward and show the world that we have far #MoreInCommon with each other than that which divides us.

NUS is standing in solidarity and is encouraging students and students’ unions to take part and promote these events. 

Across the globe, we will gather together to celebrate Jo's life; her warmth, love, energy, passion, flair, Yorkshire heritage, and her belief in the humanity of every person in every place, from Batley and Spen to Aleppo and Darayya.

For full information on all regional activities taking place to honour Jo on Wednesday 22 June, please visit the official #MoreInCommon Facebook page.

If you are unable to join one of these events, please consider celebrating Jo by donating to her fund, which is supporting three organisations particularly close to Jo’s heart, at