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Making Black students’ opinions matter

Wednesday 23 October 2019 Black Students

The Black Students’ Campaign launched a new piece of research in to the Black student experience earlier this year.

This research follows NUS’ Race for Equality report published in 2011, a seminal piece of research exploring the voices of students of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean Descent.


A lot has changed since 2011, so this new research will give us a current understanding of Black students learning experiences and fresh insight on the mechanisms that underpin students’ lives at colleges and universities.


The survey closes at the end of January, after which, we will have conversations with Black students to closely examine the issues raised from the results. These conversations will help set the stage for what liberated, racially equitable learning institutions might look like, with Black students helping to shape a vision of the change that needs to happen.


It’s vital we collect as many opinions and perspectives as we can to provide us with a diverse picture of the Black student experience and a platform to push for real change. 


If you are a Black student who wants to share your experiences and help create more equitable education spaces, please complete the survey and share this QR code with other Black students.