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Live Greener promoting a sustainable Wales

Wednesday 8 January 2014 Live Greener

NUS Wales Live Greener has completed its first semester of action at six universities across Wales, and we’re thrilled by the positive impact students have already taken across the country, as we look forward to even more exciting work to come. 

Our grant from the Welsh Government and HEFCW has allowed us to deliver our award winning behaviour change projects across Wales, for the first time at many of these institutions.

Already, nearly 40 teams have signed up to encourage environmental good practice through Green Impact, and over 2,600 students have pledged to conserve energy in halls with Student Switch Off.

Putting Welsh students at the heart of the environmental agenda

We’ve been working closely with institutions to make sure that we’re providing bespoke opportunities to promote sustainable behaviours, so as to create the biggest step change possible as we move towards the second half of our year of action, putting Welsh students at the heart of the environmental agenda. 

What's happening this year

As we look into the semester ahead, we’re excited to be launching Snap It Off in conjunction with Arriva Trains Wales, as well as NUS’ first ever time banking scheme – rewarding students for volunteering hours through a range of prizes.

One of the biggest upcoming events is Blackout, taking place across all six institutions in Spring. Developed in the University of Southampton, Blackout will see staff and students work together to turn off all office equipment in their buildings across the weekend. It will be the biggest switch off event of its kind, and will save a huge amount of carbon and money. 

Live Greener has delivered a huge amount of positive impact across Wales already, and it’s only going to accelerate as we move towards more action  on energy saving, promotion of sustainable habits, and student-led action on environmental solutions.