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Junior doctors demonstrate on Friday

Saturday 12 July 2008 NUS News

NUS is supporting a ‘sleep in’ protest by medical students angry at the loss of free hospital accommodation for first year junior doctors in England, on Friday 18 July. The event is being organised by the British Medical Association (BMA).

Said Aaron Porter, NUS Vice President (Higher Education): "The decision taken to remove the right to free accommodation for junior doctors is deeply unfair.

This equates to a loss of around 40% of their take home pay, and shows a complete disregard for the profession. NUS is calling for a u-turn on this decision and compensation for those who have lost out."

Free accommodation in Wales and Scotland

Despite the varying funding systems between the devolved nations, this will affect the whole of the UK. However, Edwina Hart, the Welsh Health Minister, announced on 8 July that free accommodation will continue to be available in Wales next year and the Scottish government, while currently in recess, is discussing the issue with the relevant health departments.

The BMA's rebuttal of the proposed removal of free accommodation is available to read here.

Join us in the protest

The protest begins at 12pm lunchtime and everyone – whether you’re a doctor, medical student or simply a supporter – is welcome.

Medical students and first year doctors will continue the campaign through the night by sleeping in tents. If you can't make the demo, please sign the petition.

You can also show your support on the two facebook groups:
Facebook group UK
Facebok group for London students