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Julian Huppert - the MP who kept the pledge

Tuesday 28 April 2015 NUS News

Ever wonder who the other suited Lib Dem in this now infamous photograph is?

His name is Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge – and he kept his pledge.

Julian was first elected to Parliament in 2010, when he was photographed next to pledge-breaker-in-chief Nick Clegg. In December 2010, when it came to the infamous vote, Huppert stuck to his word and voted against the increase in top-up fees.

Huppert’s record in Parliament makes him a great friend to the student movement. He was at the forefront of the campaign to protect the Disabled Student Allowance, calling MPs to a Parliamentary debate to stand against the proposed changes.

He has also been a great champion of postgraduate education and has campaigned for a fairer, more accessible funding model. Huppert is also Secretary of the newly established All-Party Parliamentary Group on Students, which NUS provide the secretariat to.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for keeping his word on tuition fees, and for supporting students once in parliament.