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Information for student parents

Tuesday 29 March 2011 Welfare and Student Rights

Juggling study and being a parent, whilst extremely rewarding, can also be a real struggle. NUS is working to make a fairer system for all student parents.

As part of its work in this area, NUS has produced a report  – the first of its kind in the UK to look in detail at the experience of student parents in both FE and HE.

The report, 'Meet the Parents' - launched in Parliament - is comprised of detailed interviews, focus groups and a survey of more than 2,000 student parents, and has served as the launching pad for our student parents campaign.

Read more about the report here.

Our report found that information provision for student parents is very poor, with many being given incomplete or incorrect advice about their financial entitlements or what support and childcare options were available to them.
Here are some useful links for student parents to help you access accurate information. This can be complex or vary considerably from one student to the next, so student parents may also need individual advice.
General information (for students in England only) 

HE-specific (for students in England only)

FE-specific (for students in England only)