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Hidden Marks: A Study of women students' experiences of harassment, stalking, violence and sexual assault

Thursday 6 May 2010 NUS News

NUS Women’s Campaign recently released a report on women students’ experience of violence and with nearly 10% of the survey respondents studying at Welsh institutions.

NUS Wales has been able to focus on the specific concerns and experiences of women students in Wales. Download the executive summary here.

The results show that women students in Wales are just as likely to experience harassment and violence as students across the border.

One significant difference was that students in Wales said they were most likely to feel unsafe because of inadequate lighting and being alone, rather than because of fears that they would be harassed or intimidated.

As a result of NUS Wales sharing this information with the VAW team at WAG this information has been sent to Community Safety analysts across Wales in order for them to use it to inform their decisions when deciding on what Community Safety Partnerships money is spent on, and particularly taking into account the disproportional concern around lighting from Welsh respondents.

NUS Wales women’s officer Estelle Hart said “I know from talking to union officers that the issue of lighting and isolated areas is a big one in a lot of Welsh institutions as they are often quite removed from population centres so this is a really big concern for a lot of our members. With evidence to back up what officers have been saying for years we should hopefully see and end to buck passing between local authorities and institutions as to who should pay for safety measures.”

Keep an eye on the website to see the next steps in NUS Wales’ campaigning on this issue and get in touch with us on for more info