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Green Impact Students' Unions award winners

Thursday 21 April 2011 NUS News

Students’ unions make for a greener society. Green Impact Students’ Unions seek to capture the positive green innovations in students’ unions and promote them to the general public.

Green innovations in students' unions

This year the scheme has found more inspirational initiatives than ever, including a black-out day to save energy, the reallocation of end of semester unwanted food to homeless people, and a campaign against fly-tipping.

A record 88 students' unions took part

"This year a record 88 students’ unions took part in our scheme, capturing an array of novel ideas, including energy audits of students homes, a rooftop vegetable garden with bee hives, and a part-time carnivore scheme to reduce the consumption of meat" said Susan Nash, NUS’s Vice President Society and Citizenship.

Susan added "With 27 unions reaching our Gold standard, 33 reaching Silver, and 15 reaching Bronze, we have demonstrated that we have collectively made a really positive impact on the environment".

Loughborough Students' Union got the highest score

The union with the highest score was Loughborough Students’ Union, credited for installing fridges fitted energy-saving automatic blinds in their shop, and for Experience the World, their scheme that helps students carry out conservation projects overseas.

Green Impact is run by NUS, sponsored by The Co-operative and in partnership with The Ecologist.