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#GenerationVote: we came, we registered, we voted

Thursday 8 June 2017 Campaigns News

With the polls closing in a few hours, we take a look back at some of the highlights from a busy final day of the general election campaign and pause to say a massive thank you to you for making sure students were a force to be reckoned with at ballot boxes across the UK!

The election was an opportunity for students and young people to influence their own futures and the world around them. And boy oh boy did we turn up.

Since the snap election was called on Tuesday 18 April, we wasted no time and reignited our #GenerationVote campaign. With just four weeks’ to do so and in tandem with students’ unions, we ran the biggest national voter registration drives in recent memory.

From candidate hustings and get the vote out initiatives in towns and countries across the UK –we all played a huge role in getting over two million young people back on the electoral register after a shake up to the process which left many off the list.

Voter registration among 18-24-year-olds has been falling steadily since the seventies, but students are beginning to buck that trend.

The number of young voters rose by 20 per cent between the 2015 general election and the EU referendum.

A staggering 750,000 18-year-olds who were too young to have their say in the referendum were able to vote today and finally got to have their say on issues like Brexit, which will affect them the most.

Today, the focus was well and truly on getting the student vote out. Here’s a look back at some of the excellent campaigning done by students and students’ unions today! Plus some great selfies from polling stations and gifs for good measure!


Haven’t voted yet?

Polls are open until 10pm tonight. If you’re not sure about where to vote, you can search for your local polling station by typing in your postcode right here