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#GenerationVote: our general election asks

Monday 15 May 2017 Campaigns News

On Thursday 8 June 2017 students will vote in a crucial general election that will have a lasting impact on our future. With the election just a matter of weeks away, NUS is urging politicians to consider the priorities of the millions of students across the UK.

1. Defend International Students under Brexit

International students make up a vibrant part of our communities. Hostile policies towards international students and migrants more generally do not make the UK an attractive place to study for International students. Students in the UK believe in internationalism.

We are calling for the new government to:

  • Introduce a national financial protection scheme for international students

  • Stop landlords being responsible for immigration checks

  • Remove the NHS charge for international students

  • Reopen the post-study work route for international students

“The government's refusal to guarantee EU citizens rights in the wake of Brexit, and constant attacks on migrants, has encouraged a toxic atmosphere of growing racism, followed by a sharp rise in hate crime.

This has led to uncertainty and fear amongst our international students, who form an essential part of our vibrant campus communities. We’re calling on the next government to introduce policies that ensure that all international students feel welcome and safe in this country.”

- Malia Bouattia, NUS President

2. Invest in Education

Over successive governments funding for further and higher education has suffered. Students are now leaving education with debt that will follow them into mid-life.

We are calling for the new government to:

  • Scrap Higher Education tuition fees

  • Reintroduce maintenance grants

  • Introduce a new improved Education Maintenance Allowance

  • Bring back NHS Bursaries

“Over the past seven years students have seen bursaries, grants and EMA cut, college funding slashed and tuition fees tripled. “Investing in education is an investment in society, and it’s time we had policies and funding that recognised this.”

Malia Bouattia, NUS President

Further Briefings

You can read more about our specific policy asks in the following briefings: