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GE2015 Student Media Award winners announced

Friday 7 August 2015 NUS News

Earlier this year, we launched the GE2015 Student Media Awards in conjunction with the i newspaper

We judged the entries with help from the i, Student Publications Association (SPA), the Student Radio Association (SRA) and The National Student Television Association (NaSTA).

New Deal student journalist of the year

Judged by Andrew Webster (Independent)

“I’d like to commend all the entrants for the high quality of their work, their obvious commitment and passion and for all the hard work they’ve put in.”

Winner: Toby Leveson (Surge Radio and Wessex Scene, University of Southampton)

“Toby has an engaging writing style coupled with clear-headed analysis. His article Why Labour Should Win the Election But Won’t was well written and well researched. It got to the core of Labour’s election loss with brevity.

In Defence of the Coalition really put the Con-Dem years into perspective. It’s fair to say that his work would not look out of place in a national newspaper.”

Runner up: Laura Peberday (Scratch Media, Birmingham City University)

“Laura’s piece on E4 was an entertaining aside to the heavyweight issues. I was also extremely impressed by the amount of work that went into her comprehensive and insightful coverage of the election.”

Other categories

Judged by Mia Obertelli (NaSTA Chair 2014-15) and Sophie Davis (SPA Chair 2014-15)

Best GE2015 constituency coverage

Winner: Samantha Hopps (The Boar, University of Warwick)

“It is clear from her supporting statement and her work that Samantha worked tirelessly, alongside Rebecca Myers, throughout the election period from contacting officials and interviewing all the relevant candidates in her area. She shows initiative, her writing is clear and her journalistic maturity shows that she has an excellent future ahead of her.”

Runner Up: Richard Nicholl (Varsity, University of Cambridge)

“Great exclusive keeping students aware of local news about parliamentary candidates and providing a news source for citizens of the local area too.”

Outstanding GE2015 print journalism reporting

Winner: Elissa Foord (Varsity, University of Cambridge)

“A well written piece, presenting an interesting angle on election coverage through interviewing the interviewer. Elissa successfully engages the reader from the start and stresses the importance of voting through her interview, without preaching to the reader.”

Runner up: Arthi Nachiappan with Connor O'Shea and Hiran Adhia (The Boar, University of Warwick)

“The achievement of forging a relationship with a national pollster set them apart from the other entries. Their effort to secure ground breaking news around the election was excellent alongside the involvement on leaking information on social media. They also took the time to take on research in to their student’s opinions on topics in order to produce content targeted specifically at their audience. Their print journalism was outstanding and deserves to be runner up.”

Best GE2015 comment/opinion piece

Winner: Hiran Adhia (The Boar, University of Warwick)

“The angle focused on Election Night in the Student Union, and even though difficult managed to stay neutral throughout. They worked hard to engage with their audience and their professional and journalistic integrity was second to none. Hiran and his team are an asset to the University of Warwick.”

Runner up: Lucca de Paoli (Politics Made Public, Queen Mary, University of London)

“Lucca deserves a mention beyond merely his writing as he not only writes he is an excellent journalist and is organised in his delivery throughout the campaign. He was always professional and his writing is always within the student style, using social media and colloquial language when needed to suit his audience.” 

Outstanding GE2015 broadcast journalism reporting

Winner: Luke Barratt (Cherwell, University of Oxford)

“Luke took on a challenging topic and got to the heart of the issue with a well-chosen interview and engaging questioning style.”

All winners will be contacted directly by NUS to receive prizes.

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