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European students welcome new EU Visa Directive

Thursday 12 May 2016 NUS News

The European Students' Union (ESU) has welcomed a new EU Visa Directive that makes European education more accessible to non-EU students.

The European Parliament has approved plans to harmonise entry and residency rules for non-EU students. 

The new Visa Directive will ensure that students from outside the European Union have the right to move within the EU during their stay, to work for at least 15 hours per week while studying, and to stay for at least nine months after finishing their studies.

ESU, which represents 45 National Unions of Students, issued a statement in support of the changes.

Chairperson Fernando Galan said: "The final document represents half of what we would have loved to see, as the proposals from the European Parliament were way more advanced in rights for non-EU students, but still some of our postulates have been watered down.”

“We hope that this Directive is only a first step in ensuring that Europe attracts more non-EU students to its campuses and encourage and increase internationalisation.”