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EU referendum: final chance to register to vote

Thursday 2 June 2016 NUS News

If you are not on the electoral register by Tuesday 7 June then you will not be allowed to vote in the EU referendum.

The European Union is important for a whole load of issues that affect students, and voting whether the UK should remain a member is a once in a generation decision.

Interested in studying elsewhere in Europe? This vote matters.

Interested in how we deal with international issues like human rights and climate change? This vote matters.

Interested in how the economy and jobs market will work over the next few decades? This vote really matters.

So make sure your voice is heard.

If your home address and term-time addresses are different, you will need to be registered at the address where you will be on the day.

If you think you’re registered but aren’t sure, then double check.

Registering to vote only takes five minutes – do it online at