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Early Election Attempt To Restrict Student Voters

Friday 6 September 2019 NUS News

In response to an article in The Times, one of the reasons to push for an early election, would potentially mean campaigns had less time to ensure that students registered to vote. Those on the electoral roll at their home address would be less likely to travel to vote and if Freshers haven’t registered to vote at their new address they may miss the opportunity.

Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS President said:

“This move shows the extent to which Boris Johnson and his cabinet will go to lock out students voices. His actions this week, in pursuing a no deal Brexit, has been met with fury from students all around the country.

Let us be clear: any attempt to restrict the democratic rights of our members will be met with the full force of the National Union of Students. We will launch our largest ever voter registration campaign to get every student, in every campus, and in every classroom into that voting booth.

See you on polling day, Mr Johnson.”


It’s important you register to vote to ensure you have your say in any forthcoming elections. Have you Got 5? (link to page)

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