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Cut to the quick

Tuesday 13 March 2012 Campaigns News

The impact of government reforms and cuts on women students

Cut to the quick provides activists, officers and students’ unions with up to date knowledge on how government reforms and cuts are impacting on women students. It also has tips and ideas on how to campaign on these issues both with your institution but also at a national level.

It’s no secret that since coming to power the Coalition Government has embarked on an unprecedented programme of cuts and reforms to public spending and the public sector the like of which has never been seen before.

But what about the impact on women? Research has shown that 73 per cent of the savings identified in the 2011 Autumn Financial Statement will come from women's pockets. This is because many of the benefits to be cut or frozen – such as the Health in Pregnancy Grant, the Sure Start Maternity Grant and Housing Benefit – are benefits that more women than men rely on.

In addition reforms and fee rises in both further and higher education threaten to cut women and particularly mothers out of education altogether.

As if this wasn’t enough, women graduates face bleak employment prospects. Official figures in February 2012 showed that unemployment for women had hit its highest level since 1987 and is rising at a faster rate than for men.

NUS has been campaigning at a national level, but we need you to do so at a local and institutional level. Reading Cut to the quick is the first step!

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