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Come Clean on Hidden Costs

Monday 20 February 2012

NUS has launched a new campaign initiative to kick start grassroots actions to get more money into students’ pockets by tackling hidden course costs.

We’ve found that no matter what subject or at what level students study, they are still facing extra costs; costs that for the most part they knew nothing about. These are costs which are contributing to financial problems and drop outs, and costs which we need institutions to Come Clean about.

It’s simply not good enough that students are landed with unexpected professional association joining and exam fees, that placement students have to dish out extra cash to travel to their placements, or that 'optional' field trips rule out poor students.

We are therefore calling on universities and colleges to commit to full transparency prior to application on all course costs, commit to absorb essential costs within the tuition fee, and offer means tested support for non-essentials.

Your students’ union has been provided with a number of campaign tools so make sure you contact your students' union and find out what local actions are being planned around Hidden Costs and the Come Clean week of action on your campus. Shortly we will have a Totalizer for you to add up all the hidden costs so we can paint a national picture of just how bad the situation is. You can also email your MP about Hidden Costs here!

You can also download a campaign toolkit for hidden costs here.