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Broke and Broken: the report

Tuesday 2 September 2008 Campaigns Archive

With so many students struggling to cope with rising debts and living costs, NUS believes that the current system doesn't work - for students, for their universities or for government. Our new report shows why the system is broken.

Our campaign (and by our, we mean yours and NUS') to change the education funding system begins with a critique of the current funding system. Our report on the system's failures, Broke and Broken, was launched by NUS President Wes Streeting at the Higher Education Funding Summit in London (3 September).

You can download the report and read it for yourself here.

Interested by what we have to say?

You might already have been affected by the current funding system. You could be a student who's struggling to make ends meet, a graduate trying to pay off at least three years worth of student loans or the parent of a student who took on the financial burden to help your children study.

Your thoughts, your ideas and your experience are a vital part of this campaign. Click on respond and you can add your comments, upload a video or add photographs to your experience of education funding. If you're looking for ideas, check out some of our photos