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Break up with fossil fuel this Valentine's Day

Friday 14 February 2014 Campaigns News

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re encouraging you to finish off Go Green Week by helping your institution break up with fossil fuels.

As we’ve seen throughout the week, student-led greening action is stronger and more visible than ever. But universities are still investing in the fossil fuel industry.

Our friends at People and Planet want to help you encourage your institution to divest from an industry gone rogue, an industry built on a business model which will cause climate catastrophe.

Fossil fuel companies have got proven reserves of over five times the amount which it is safe to burn, and they have every intention of doing so. Our universities invest around £5 billion in these companies annually. To truly go green, we have to change this.

NUS is equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in a changing economy, and a greener jobs market. We know that students want this. As part of this vision, we have to break our reliance on energy sources which fuel climate change.

We support the Fossil Free campaign. Please tell your institution to remove their investments from companies who compromise your future.

Click here to see if there’s an active campaign at your university, or start one yourself!