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Black Students' Campaign Successes 2008

Wednesday 30 July 2008 Campaigns Archive

We've had some great victories as part of our ongoing work to tackle racism and fascism and promote black students' rights. Here's a list of the highlights.

  • The recent Black Women’s Day in April 2008 was the biggest ever.
  • We led a long running campaign supporting the Sukula family. The family arrived in Bolton in 2002 after fleeing persecution in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The campaign ended successfully in April 2008 with the family being granted indefinite leave to stay in the UK.
  • We were involved in ensuring the 23 August was nationally recognised as National Slavery Memorial Day.
  • In partnership with UAF, we led a demonstration of over two thousand individuals, the majority of whom were students, to oppose the 'free speech forum', where Holocaust denier David Irving and the leader of the BNP Nick Griffin were speaking at Oxford Union in November 2007. The demonstration received national coverage.
  • We launched a campaign to release Kahled, a Palestinian student studying at Bradford University from Gaza. After six months, Khaled was released and returned to the UK in December 2007
  • We held the biggest ever Black Students’ Conference in May 2008