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Applications open for NUS Student Journalists 2017-18!

Monday 4 September 2017 Student Journalists

We are recruiting paid student journalists to represent the realities of life on campus. We know that you are shaping the future of education and want to tell your stories through news, opinion and multimedia pieces.

We will:

  • Pay you £1,000 a year for two pieces per month

  • Pay your student associate membership with the NUJ

  • Promote your pieces on throughout the year

We are looking for six reporters to cover the following themes:

  • Students in the community

  • Sustainable students

  • Student lifestyle

  • Student perspective

To apply, you need to submit one of the following:

  • a 400-word news report on any of the above themes

  • a 400-word comment piece on any of the above themes

  • a two-minute video or audio piece on any of the above themes

The deadline for submission is 5pm Friday 22 September 2017 Sunday 24 September. Please attach a CV with your application and links to any previously published work. If you are submitting a video or audio piece, please let us know what editing platforms you use.

Please email your submission to

For those hired, regular submissions will be expected from November 2017 to November 2018.

An induction day will be held in the first week of November at the NUS London office. Travel will be paid for by NUS.

If you have any further queries please email: 

Tweet us: @nusuk #nusjournos

Terms and conditions

  1. Each journalist must sign a contract committing to two pieces per month, with the by-line of NUS journalist. They are only permitted to use this by-line on our site or where we have submitted their writing to an outside publication.
  2. Each journalist must be currently enrolled on a course at a further education or higher education institution.
  3. While each journalist is committed to 24 pieces over the course of the academic year, we reserve the right to publish other pieces on any topic at any time by other students.
  4. The students hired will be officially recognised and promoted as NUS journalists.
  5. Each NUS journalist will be covered by NUJ student associate membership - £30.
  6. Each journalist will be assigned an NUS mentor who will instruct them on what to cover, offer guidance and review pitched ideas.
  7. NUS reserves the right to edit all submitted articles within reason, or to choose not to publish pieces.
  8. NUS reserves the right to change deadlines where necessary.
  9. NUS will pay staff journalists £1000 over the period of their contract. This will be paid in monthly instalments over the year of £80 per month for the first 11 months, with a final monthly payment of £120.
  10. Regular submissions will be expected from November 2016 to November 2017 on a twice monthly basis.
  11. Publication of each submission may be staggered by NUS.
  12. Journalism on behalf of NUS must not formally endorse client brands, initiatives, products or services.
  13. The journalist may not use the NUS brand in any work outside of their commitments within this programme without express permission from the NUS press office.
  14. NUS reserves the right to request its name be removed from external communications of journalism undertaken by the journalist.
  15. NUS reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.