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Adults in education

Monday 30 June 2008 Further Education

In the last 18 months changes to the funding of adult education has resulted in more than 1.4 million learners leaving education. Despite the government talking the talk about life long learning, once again it has failed to walk the walk.

It has put education out of the reach of hundreds of thousands of learners that are often most in need of government support to improve their skills and confidence, to get a better job or to better support their families. 

NUS believes this is a scandal on a national scale.

We’ve formed a national campaign with the University and College Union and the National Institute for Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)  to put pressure on the government to reverse its catastrophic decision and invest properly in adult education.

Named CALL (Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning), those involved in the campaign believe that:

"...affordable access to the life changing opportunities provided by education is the hallmark of a civilised society."

We'll be working with our partners, and you, to campaign for better provision for adults who choose to return to education. We're just getting started though so, in the meantime, we'd love to hear about your experiences. Click respond (below) to leave a comment.