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A Statement on Hope Not Hate from NUS president Megan Dunn

By Megan Dunn

Friday 19 February 2016 NUS News

Megan Dunn, NUS national president:

"Hope Not Hate is not on NUS’ no platform list. I would happily share a platform with anyone from Hope Not Hate tomorrow. Representatives from Hope Not Hate, including Nick Lowles, have and continue to be invited to NUS events. I have tried to clarify this issue with Mr Lowles but have been unable to contact him."

Malia Bouattia, NUS Black Students’ Officer:

“The Black Students’ Campaign has not no-platformed or denied a platform to Nick Lowles or Hope Not Hate in any way. The campaign is run by Black students for Black students, and aims to identify and combat the discrimination Black students face in further and higher education.

“We actively work across the student movement and with stakeholder organisations and campaigners to eradicate racism, and welcome the opportunity to work with others who share the same values and beliefs as us.

“We respect and use our right to run events using the talent and skills within our movement and campaign. Not inviting external organisations and individuals to these events is not the same as uninviting them, nor is it denying them a platform. We are creating platforms for those who are directly affected by racism and supporting Black leaders to lead on work within our movement.”