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A-level Results Day: congratulations from Shakira Martin

Thursday 16 August 2018 NUS News

NUS National President Shakira Martin shares her well wishes, tips and advice to the thousands of students up and down the country receiving their A-level results today. 

Results day. After countless weeks of anticipation, this landmark moment has arrived bang on our doorsteps. Thousands of students up and down the country are waking up to find out their grades on perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking days of their lives.

Firstly, if you had your sights set on higher education, big congratulations to all those who have gotten into your university of choice. After your celebrations (of which there should be plenty!) I expect you’ll have an exciting summer planning your next chapters.

If the grades you got through aren’t what you’re expecting – you are not alone, and don’t worry - there are plenty of options out there for you. Check UCAS track for unfilled places on courses. If you try clearing, your grades will be considered at other universities across the country, so consider it. And, from my own first-hand experience, there are so many alternatives to university altogether – further education and apprenticeships have a lot to offer.

Remember: the route you take may be different from what you first imagined, but you can – and will – get to where you want to be. I’m living proof of that.

I also want to add that on days like today, social media can act like more of a bubble than ever. People will be posting up a storm, but you’re less likely to see a friend pop up your feed sharing unhappy news. So, go see your friends in person, join in the celebrations and comfort those who didn’t do so well.

Your future is unwritten. The next few weeks, months and years have endless possibilities. If your path leads you to further or higher education, students’ unions can play a key role in supporting you. They are springboards to making friends, networks and contacts for life ahead. If you choose to continue education, get involved in groups, sports clubs and societies. Try your hand at something new, or even join a society that you may never even heard of before. It takes time to find your feet! So relax and enjoy yourself.

Money management might be something that you’ve not thought much about, so don’t be taken by surprise when things start to add up. There’s a lot to take into consideration: rent, groceries, bills. Your students’ union may be able to provide you with budgeting advice, so take advantage of it if you can.

I’d also recommend following our @NUSUK account on Twitter to keep in touch with us about events, campaigns and activities throughout the year. It’s a good way to see how you can get involved on and off campus.

So, no matter what the grades may be when you open that envelope today, know that you have options and that you are not alone. Your national union is here to support you, whatever your future may turn out to be.