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A black students' officer in every students' union

Monday 28 July 2008 Black Students

Black students make up 20 per cent of NUS’ membership, yet we’re among the least represented groups in its democratic structures. Across the UK, less than five per cent of all elected officers are black, while similar levels of under-representation are experienced within the national structures of NUS.

Under-representation means black students are on the fringe of union activities and fail to realise the full benefits of having a union that can support them. Unless people get involved, and students’ unions redress the issue of under-representation, black students will continue to experience disadvantage, missing out on vital academic and welfare support.

We want a black students’ officer in every union. We want 200 black students to attend NUS National Conference. Anecdotal evidence shows that where black officer posts have been created, participation of black students increases, and campaigns such as anonymous marking, a prayer room in every college, recognising black history, and fighting racism, are prioritised.

How you can get involved
To get advice on getting a black students’ officer in your union please contact